Model Numbers:
JH4400I: Output = (A+B+C+D)/4
JH4401I: Output = (A+B+C)/3
JH4402I: Output = (A+B)/2
JH4408I: Output = A-B

The JH4400 Series offers DC outputs representing 2, 3 or 4-input sums or (A-B) difference. Input and output ranges need not be the same; for example, the inputs could be 0/10Vdc while the output could be 4/20mA. These are fixed-range devices, precisely calibrated to your specified ranges at the factory.

Red-green Quick-Check LEDs give a quick indication of the relative output. Red is brighter at the low end, green at high, while at mid-scale both are approximately equal. Red-only indicates offscale low while green-only indicates offscale high.

Input/output isolation is standard. (The inputs are not isolated from each other.)  Available options include, AC or DC power choices and reverse-action Option RT (decreasing output with increasing inputs).


Standard calibration provides low-end output (0%) when all inputs are at 0%. Full-scale output (100%) occurs when all additive (+) inputs are at 100% and all subtractive (-) inputs are at 0%. Standard calibration assumes the output always will be 0% or higher, never negative. All calculations are on a percent-of-span basis. With 4/20mA, for example, 4mA = 0% and 20mA = 100%. Likewise, for –5/+5V, -5V=0%, 0V=50% and +5V=100%.

Nonstandard setups and calibrations are possible. For example, we have created a number of specials providing unequal input weightings (such as A+2B+0.5C+0.5D), and with up to six inputs. Please contact the factory with your requirements.


Model Number:  

Select your model number from the list above. Add suffix –AC for AC power or –DC for DC power. 

Input Range:  

Specify any DC voltage or current range allowed by the "Input Capabilities" spec, below.

Output Range:

Specify any DC voltage or current range allowed by the "Output Capabilities" spec, below.


Specify 115Vac, 230Vac, 12Vdc or 24Vdc.

Reverse-Acting Transmitter (decreasing output with increasing input):    

Specify Option RT.

Loop-Powered Output:  

4/20mA "current sink" output stage for connection to devices whose inputs provide 24Vdc loop excitation. Specify Option LPO.

Urethane Coating:  

Specify Option "U"


These transmitters plug into any standard 11-pin circular ("octal") relay socket. JH Technology offers a socket suitable for DIN-rail or surface mounting (see the Accessories page). Pin connections are:

Pin 1: Power (AC or, if DC power option, DC plus).
Pin 2: No connection.
Pin 3: Power (AC or, if DC power option, DC minus).
Pin 4: A input (plus).
Pin 5: Input common (minus).
Pin 6: B input (plus).
Pin 7: C input, if used (plus).
Pin 8: D input, if used (plus).
Pin 9: Output plus.
Pin 10: Output minus.
Pin 11: No connection.


Voltage Input Capabilities:  

100mV minimum span, +/-20V maximum input. Offset ranges are allowed.
(Input Impedance: 200kohms or greater.)

Current Input Capabilities:  

1mA minimum span, +/-100mA maximum input. Offset ranges are allowed.
(Input Resistance: Varies with input range. Contact factory for details. 62 ohms for 4/20mA input.)

Voltage Output Capabilities:  

1 volt minimum output span, -10 to +15V absolute limit. Offset ranges are allowed. Maximum output load, 10mA (1Kohm at 10V output).

Current Output Capabilities:  

1mA minimum output span, 0 to +25mA absolute limit. Positive offsets are allowed, negative outputs are not. Output drive capability, 24V (1,200 ohms max. at 20mA output).

Accuracy (factory calibration):  

+/-0.1% of span or better.


Zero and span each are adjustable approx. +/-15% of span.


+/-0.05% of span or better.

Response Time:  

Under 100 milliseconds.


Power, 1,500Vac rms (2,100V peak). Input/Output  1,000Vac rms (1,400V peak). Note:  The inputs are not isolated from each other.

Guaranteed Operating Temperature:  

-10 to +60 deg. C (14 to 140 deg. F).

Temperature Stability:  

+/-0.02% of span per deg. C, or better.

Power Requirements:  

AC, 115 or 230Vrms, 50/60Hz, 2.5V-A. DC, 12 or 24V, 2.5W.